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Corruption is becoming prevalent all over the world. Corruption hurts economies, people, and governments.
Take it or leave it, corruption is what some religious people should call the "original sin".
This is derived from man's innate propensity to be corrupt, based on the fact that man's natural instinct to survive is essentially a selfish instinct, which often disregards fairness, equity, or equality especially when the environment is harsh, hostile, or life-threatening. And man, by his very nature, has the potential to be selfish, which is the foundation for such social evils like corruption. Regardless, corruption can be and should be eliminated as it destroys societies and humanity.
Corruption is unethical, immoral, and illegal in many societies, religions, and countries. It needs to be stopped. Private organizations, United Nations, and some governments have attempted to stop corruption or at least have tried to prevent it. They have failed, however.
This site is an attempt to expose countries and departments where corruption is taking place.
To fill out an instance of corruption you have experienced yourself or have knowledge of, click the link on the left to share information with the rest of the world.
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Former Illinois congressman indicted for corruption

The Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 20, 2016
The indictment of a 35-year-old disgraced former Republican congressman jolted residents of his central Illinois district, shaken by prosecutors' claims that Aaron Schock illegally dipped into campaign and government coffers to subsidize a lavish lifestyle, including his Capitol Hill office done up in the style of "Downton Abbey." Perhaps more stunning was an allegation found on page 34 of the charging document: Schock's apparent willingness to pocket thousands of constituents' dollars by arranging annual Washington tours combined with meet-and-greets. "I know that some people feel very hurt, angered and betrayed," said Quincy insurance agent Jack Freiburg, who attended such an event in 2014. Test Your Knowledge Could you pass a US citizenship test? Find out. State political observers say the alleged scheme stands out — even with Illinois' long-established reputation for corruption, including a former governor's attempt to sell President Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat. House rules require excess fees from such visits be returned to constituents or donated to charity. Test Your KnowledgeCould you pass a US citizenship test? Find out. Photos of the Day Photos of the day 11/23 "That's a new one on me," said David Melton of Illinois Campaign for Political Reform. "I have never heard of anything quite that audacious." The three-day extravaganza attended by Freiburg and about 50 others in July 2014 included bus rides to the National Zoo and a reception at the Japanese ambassador's residence. Freiburg paid a $785 "Fly-in Conference Fee" to Schock's office — meant to cover meals, transportation and other hosting costs — on top of $2,000 to $3,000 for a plane ticket, hotel room and other expenses. Schock, the once-rising GOP star and prodigious party fundraiser, secretly kept at least $11,000 from that event, the indictment said. Freiburg recalled that many on the trip were well-off but others weren't, including several recent college graduates. "Some sacrificed financially to go," the 63-year-old said. Prosecutors say in 2011, Schock set up a Florida bank account under the name of a fictious company, "Global Travel International," and instructed staff to deposit that year's fly-fee money into it. He allegedly kept at least $4,482 from the 2011 fly-in, which happened in the same month he appeared on the cover of Men's Health, his shirt unbuttoned to show off his six-pack abs. Landing the magazine cover — with the blurb "Rep. Aaron Schock is willing to give you the shirt off his back" — drew mockery on late-night TV but boosted Schock's profile nationally. Schock, who resigned last year as scrutiny of his spending intensified, issued a statement on Nov. 10 responding to the charges of wire fraud, theft of government funds and other things, saying "we might have made errors" but that "no one intended to break any law." Schock's lawyer, George Terwilliger, didn't immediately respond to voicemail messages seeking comment on the fly-in fee accusations. Freiburg remembers how quickly and easily Schock made it on the political stage. His first victory was at age 19 for a seat on the Peoria School Board, and he became the youngest member of Congress after winning in 2008 at age 27. "He was so very charismatic — such a bright, shining star," Freiburg said. Schock successfully marketed himself during six years in Congress as an unwavering fiscal conservative. A 2012 campaign flier claimed his frugality started as a farm kid, saying he saved up $4,000 and invested it in his own IRA when he was 14. But the indictment paints a picture of him treating his elected office as a kind of ATM. He allegedly spent $40,000 in government funds to redecorate his office, including $5,000 on a chandelier, and used $8,000 in campaign cash to take a private plane from Peoria to Washington because he feared missing a connecting flight to Europe. The indictment also says he bought four Super Bowl tickets in January 2014 for $10,025 with campaign funds and resold them at a $1,975 profit. A 2011 Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce news release says at least half a dozen members attended Schock's fly-in that year. Messages left for several of them seeking comment weren't returned. One man who went, Bill Fleming, said he didn't detect much dwelling on Schock these days — even after the indictment: "Everyone has moved on." Freiburg says he's more disappointed than anything, and suspects early fame went Schock's head. A conviction on just one fraud count carries a maximum 20 years behind bars. "I think he really is a Icarus figure who crashed— he was flying too high and got too close to the sun," he said.

Anti corruption week from today

The Hindu December 03, 2016 00:27 IS
GNIZAMABAD: The Anti-Corruption Bureau will celebrate Anti-Corruption Week starting Saturday in both the districts of Nizamabad and Kamareddy. District Collector N. Satyanarayana will inaugurate the celebrations at Kamareddy, Deputy SP Anti Corruption Bureau M. Narender Reddy said. The Collector will administer the pledge to students and employees asking them to keep themselves away from corrupt practices, the Deputy SP said here on Friday disclosing the details of the week-long programmes. They would participate in the rallies carrying the placards and banners written with slogans on corruption and its ills. On December 5 an essay writing competitions will be conducted for students of high schools, junior colleges and polytechnic colleges, on the following day the competitions would be held for the students of degree, professional colleges and university. At the valedictory, on December 9, prizes would be given away to those who secured the first, second and third positions in the competitions, he said. During the week-long programmes pamphlets with anti-corruption slogans and phone numbers of ACB officials concerned including the toll free number would be distributed at Government offices, bus stands, railway stations, municipal offices and cinema theatres. NSS volunteers and NCC cadets would be roped in for the campaign.

Indian prime minister defends currency swap as 'fight to end corruption'

MUMBAI, Nov. 14 (UPI) --

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent Sunday defending his surprise decision to ban the most-used currency in the country in an effort to eliminate counterfeit cash and corruption. Modi defended the decision as part of what he called his election mandate to end corruption, asking his constituents to be patient and that the cash swap will be completed by the end of the year. The decision has caused chaos across the country as people stand in long lines at banks waiting to exchange old 500-rupee and 1,000-rupee notes so they can complete basic tasks like grocery shopping. The notes can also be changed at ATMs, however the machines have run out of cash quickly and have had to be converted to handle the new money. Modi said the change will be completed by Dec. 30 and encouraged Indians to trust that it will stop the circulation of counterfeit and black market currency. "This is a fight to end corruption and dishonesty," Modi said at a gathering for his birthday in Uttar Pradesh. "It might take time and cause some hardships. It is a big task to introduce new notes. I have sought 50 days and all these processes will be completed by Dec. 30. Bank staffers are working day and night to help us realize this. I have asked you to bear the little discomfort for 50 days for the interest of the poor." As of Sunday, about $45 billion in banned cash had been deposited in banks, and banks and ATMs had given out about $7.5 billion in new cash since last Tuesday when the plan was suddenly sprung on the country. While citizens are frustrated, some say that if changing their money will help root out and stop fake money and corruption, they're willing to give Modi a chance and stand in line for hours. "I am willing to handle all of this if this will really reduce corruption," Tanvir Sheikh, a hairdresser in Mumbai, told The New York Times.


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