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  • corruption, bribe
  • corruption, bribe
  • corruption, bribe



Corruption is becoming prevalent all over the world. Corruption hurts economies, people, and governments.
Take it or leave it, corruption is what some religious people should call the "original sin".
This is derived from man's innate propensity to be corrupt, based on the fact that man's natural instinct to survive is essentially a selfish instinct, which often disregards fairness, equity, or equality especially when the environment is harsh, hostile, or life-threatening. And man, by his very nature, has the potential to be selfish, which is the foundation for such social evils like corruption. Regardless, corruption can be and should be eliminated as it destroys societies and humanity.
Corruption is unethical, immoral, and illegal in many societies, religions, and countries. It needs to be stopped. Private organizations, United Nations, and some governments have attempted to stop corruption or at least have tried to prevent it. They have failed, however.
This site is an attempt to expose countries and departments where corruption is taking place.
To fill out an instance of corruption you have experienced yourself or have knowledge of, click the link on the left to share information with the rest of the world.
In addition, if you know of any successful approach that has prevented or reduced corruption, please share it with the rest of the world by clicking the link "Make Suggestions" on the left.
Also, if you know of any published article dealing with corruption and want to share with the rest of the world, click "Share Published Article" on the left.
Also, many government agencies or officials do not care about people and their problems. If you have a problem with any government agency or an official, please report it to us by clicking "File Complaint" link on the left.

Fake Degrees in Pakistan

January 18, 2014
Axact, a company in Karachi, Pakistan, is selling fake college degrees to US citizens and other people around the world. Innocent people spend their hard-earned cash on those degrees and in return they face prison time. It is Axact in Karachi, Pakistan. IF ANYONE IS AWARE OF THIS COMPANY SELLING FAKE DEGREE OR OTHER COMPANIES DOING THE SAME THING, PLEASE E-MAIL US AT THE LINK ABOVE.

G20 leaders vow to fight corruption

Whistle Blower from India| March 22, 2015
ONGOING LOOTING OF PUBLIC MONEY BY 1% RICH POPULATION ONGOING LOOTING OF SHARE OF COUNTRYMEN BY 1% RICH POPULATION ONGOING LARGEST SCAM IN THE HISTORY OF COUNTRY ONGOING DONATION TO 1% RICH POPULATION? THROUGH LOANS FROM PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS All the natural resources are captured by 1% rich in our country. Over 50% of the children in the country are without proper food & education. Over 50% of the old are without proper shelter & hospital. A large population of the country?s youth are indulged in various crimes due to poverty despite country being treasure house of knowledge, wisdom and natural resources. 2. The high NPAs in Public Sector Banks have been serious concerns in the country. The Bank managements have cited NPAs from agriculture & market slowdown for the rising NPAs. However, surprisingly neither media ever tried to know the truth behind nor central Bank (RBI) could ever implement the effective tools to fight the menace. The RBI has remained the mute spectator. 3. The fact is that over 95% of total NPAs in PSBs is contributed by large corporates, mid corporates & big SMEs. But additional loans to defaulters & restructuring still continues. The additional loans, restructuring and write-off of loans are the tools used to hide NPAs/actual NPA %. If NPAs plus restructuring plus write-off for last 5 years are added to arrive at stressed assets, then position will be alarming. If hidden NPAs are further added, then the position will be threatening to economy, as Banks are backbone of economy. 4. These loans are sanctioned by upper echelons of banking where normal officers' have no option but to obey instructions of bosses. The 1% rich population has been able to loot the country through loans from Public Sector Banks. The burden of loot by the elite (loan defaulters) falls on countrymen as their share is being looted. There is politicians, businessmen & Banker nexus unwilling to circulate names of NPA borrowers in Public and unwilling to take action against defaulters. The loan defaulters are enjoying reputed life with many of them are still MPs or related to MPs. The public sector Banks have become natural resources of getting donation for 1% rich population of the country for luxury. These loans have been sanctioned without any promoter?s stake in business, by considering unsecured loans as equity, which is actually market borrowings. 5. Why country donating to rich population, this is share of our needy countrymen being looted by elites. If manufacturing growth has been negative for last 5 years, then how Bank credit growing over 25%. If NPA is below 0.20% in Private Banks, then how, NPA is over 20% in Public Sector Banks, lending in same market. This is all about funding 1% rich through loans from public sector banks. The country got independence but countrymen are still slaves of failed democracy, failed justice & elites. If all NPA/Stressed assets/written off amount are recovered, then probably, no countryman will be below poverty line, no countryman will go hungry, no countryman will remain without education. If country loses 1 lakh crores through corruption & black money, then country loses 2 lacs crores through elicit loans, so which problem is more serious, Bank Loan or corruption/black money. Think Up countrymen, Wake ?up countrymen, From A WHISTLE BLOWER|3|20|2015

Corruption in India

DMER( Director of medical education and research)|swapnil ( working in dmer office)
India, Maharashtra, Mumbai|
A person named as vivek Singh gave me the contact no of sanjay bhardwaj(working in JJ hospital) and told that he had a good contact in dmer office and he will allot a medical seat(M.B.B.S) in Maharashtra on my merit by investing some lump sum amount(20,00000) and he fixed a meeting in dmer office with swapnil. I visited to dmer office with my son with advance amount of 5,00000. He looked into my merit and said that OK your job will get done.we gave him advance amount of 500000 and in remaining 15 Lakhs swapnil told me to give 7 lakh to vivek singh and 8 lakh to sanjay bhardwaj .in support to this i have a witness of this incident. at that time in the office one more working official was there with swapnil taking care that no one could see this. so whole of this event was over in30 minutes. next day I made an account transfer of 7 lakh to vivek Singh and after that they told me to wait .your name is going to come in next list. in this way they only gave me false belief that your work is going on off the paper. wait for 5 days ,10 days and 2,3months were over after this I told them to return my money but they didn' I went to cstpolice station to file a complaint against such activity.but till now they haven't registered the FIR. |13|26|37|1|31|2015

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