Cebu central
Cebu city
Concerned Civilian/Victim of Corruption

It is about of our informant reward as mandated under 277,P.D.705 section 68-B which we brothers who among the way was in danger to be eliminated
by corrupt people of the DENR in cahoots with the illegal loggers and lumber smugglers when our concern into this as what philippine gov't of Arroyo's 
campaign against loggers and smugglers will put an end but instead our gov't neglected us;  when some of its officials (Philippine Navy Forces Central)who
took part of the apprehension due to our information on said lumber smuggling activities on board MV LCT CONDOR with a total volume of 208,000 plus 
bdfeet on late 2005 informed us also that our painstaking effort as their asset will be receiving a reward as mentioned in E.O. in exchange of our life 
before the syndicated group intent to eliminate us but the arroyo gov't and DENR themselves ere no longer answer our claim and instead they're ignore on 
our such claim;  amazing is that the said vessel who is accessories on the smuggling case will released by DENR and its owner of said illegaly forest 
products/lumber were even won the alledgedly a rigged auction conducted by DENR-NRDC on that said year on the said lumber...we'll so dismayed over what
was happened so please may we seek your attention if ever what was assistance will you provide us these matters in order to brought it out in exposing 
this gov't full of scandalous that could ashamed being a citizenry of this republic.