April 29, 2010

To The Chief Secretary, 
Govt. of West Bengal Writers' Buildings, 

Sub: Request for free and fair election.

Dear Sir, 

Metropolitan Co op Housing Society is a very big plot based Hsg Society, there is a strong membership dispute . The HC Division Bench specifically
asked the Registrar to solve this dispute. (FMAT/299/1985 dated 30/09/1985)   One affidavit submitted on behalf of the Registrar , wherein it had
been admitted that there were 411 undisputed members and 201 disputed members.  .The Secretary of the Co operation Department was also directed 
by the High Court to see that ' election should be held as per the HC directives and as per law .  . We, accordingly ,direct respondents to
hold election after elimination of disqualified members.. (FMAT/299/1985 dt 22/7/1994)    But Registrar did not solve the problem and allowed 
disqualified members to vote in the elections held in 2004 & 2006 elections. Registrar admitted the fact, in response to RTI applications— 
-1.- The records do not reveal that R.C.S. W.B. finally resolved the membership dispute of the Metropolitan Co op. Housing Society Ltd. 
In View of the above , the question ( of elimination of disqualified members) does not arise. ( Letter dated 31.05.2007 by. the Registrar) 
2. As the Registrar of Coop. Societies, West Bengal did not resolve the membership dispute of the said society, hence the issue does not 
arise at all. ( u.o No 349 dated 13.9.07 )  As we, the members of this Housing Society repeatedly asked for the remedy of this membership 
dispute, and the Hon’ble Division always directed the Registrar & the Secretary of the Govt. Deptt to solve the membership dispute, which 
was not at all obeyed.   We need free and fair election, supposed to be held by next month. As the disputed and disqualified members are 
inducted illegally and as they are strong & biased vote bank of the corrupt MC members election should not be conducted without proper voter- 
list,---- after elimination of disqualified members and following High Court directives.

Requesting for your early necessary action-


Basu   DebRoy