West Bengal
Mya 11, 2010


The Director General   
Krishi Bhaban, 
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Bhaban Road. 
New Delhi-110114.  

subject: complaint against Dr. S. Amarnath, Head(Sr. Scientist) of C.T.R.I., DINHATA, PIN: 736135, COOCHBEHAR, WEST BENGAL


We the undernoted staff quarter residents and other living within in the c.t.r.i., Dinhata, W.B. complex to go through the following objections 
and complaints against Dr. S. Amarnath, Head for your favourable and drastic action. 

A) without calling any tender, the above noted Head is found to sell crops like paddy,wheat ,tobacco etc to the businessmen of his own
choice at lower cost.(below than market price). 

B) Due to retirement the no. Of employees has been decreased,inspite of this very fact He always keeps two/three existing employees engaged for his
personal quarter. 

C} some unwanted anti socials go on performing illegal or distarteful activities connected with illegal/illicit relations 
of some men, young boys and girls what He himself knows well. If any of resident  of quarter request him to take action, He neglects the 
request,rather He threatens that person of eviction.

D)The bathrooms ,lavatory ,drains within the complex and quarter remained unrepaired and uncleaned for months together ,He is negligent to it. 
He should do it without extra govt. expenses with the help of existing staff. But He repairs,white wash and colours his own quarter twice/thrice 
a year. In a word He is fully blind to sanitation of the quarter residents. 

E) The previous incharge took step to get bushes,shrubs cut in time of need. But the present incharge Dr. S. Amarnath is found to pay no 
need to cleaning the bushes , shrubs etc. to keep the environment fair. Besides the street lights are remaining out of order ,as a result
the antisocials are found daringly doing their work like wine-taking, gambling. He is callous to all of it. 

F) Neglecting the central govt. and departmental staff applications for quarter, He allows allotment of quarter for non-govt. staff avoiding 
priority/need. He does so by taking bribes. 

G) He always use govt. Car for his own family's purpose. 

H) The money alloted to the contractual labours are not paid properly. Both the farm manager and Head abuse the money for their own need. 

I) Having got permission, the outsiders are found to play inside the campus, unwanted boys and ev-teasers are found playing and loitering 
here and there upto 9.p.m of late, a young girls was going to be abducted by the antisocials.  For his tyranny, corruption, we the staff 
and tenants feel fully insecured and panicky.  

You are therefor requested to look into the matter and take immediate step to bring normal condition i our C.T.R.I complex.

Thanking you.      

Yours faithfully