To: The  Vigilance Deptt.,
    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., 
    Scope Complex,
    Core-2, 7 
    Institutional Area, 
    Lodhi Road, New Delhi -110003 

 	Sub: - Corrupt practices in M/s Sahid Nandachand Gas Agency in collaboration with LPG (IOC) Management at Silchar. 


It is a matter of regret that the LPG Distributor, M/s Sahid Nandachand Gas Agency is continuing with its irregularities and harassing the consumers, in spite of several complaints to the local LPG (IOC) Managers. I am submitting my complaints to the Vigilance Deptt. of IOC and praying for an immediate enquiry and action.  That Sir,

 (1) I did write a complaint letter to Mr. N.K.Dey, Marketing Officer (LPG), IOC LTD. (AOD), Silchar vide my No.PDEV/ LPG COMPLT/2008/ 35 Dated, Silchar, the 15th Nov, 2008, wherein I complained about the LPG Distributor M/s Sahid Nandachand Gas Agency's continuing irregularities and harassment to the consumers, WITH SPECIFIC PROOF, clearly showing the involvement of the Agency in selling the refill issued against my consumer No. SN8576 to another consumer and delivering me the refill issued to another consumer after fifteen days of repeated persuasions and after lodging of several complaints .This had been the practice of the distributor for a long period and a tactic for promoting corruption, which would not have been possible without the collusion of the local IOC officials.  In reply to my complaint the Asstt. Mgr.(LPG sales) vide his No. LPG/SCH/215/2008/204 dated 28/11/2008 informed me that the matter had been enquired by them and implicated the delivery boy Sri Pankaj Das of manipulating the record of distribution without the knowledge of the Agent. The poor delivery boy is an illiterate fellow and he has been intentionally implicated in this matter and terminated from his service. The PROOF which I had submitted with my complaint clearly shows the direct involvement of the Distributor and not of the delivery boy, who has been made a scapegoat here. Because the delivery register, which is being given to the delivery boy for collecting the signature of the consumer after delivery, is being maintained by the distributor and the person issuing the refill had himself, in his own hand writing, changed the consumer Nos. against whom the delivery was to be given to which consumer. 
 (2) In my aforementioned complaint I also mentioned of supply of under-weight refill and the specified procedure to check the refill-weight at the consumer’s delivery point, but that matter has not been replied to. 
 (3) The computerised receipt issued against refill do not mention the actual date of booking of refill and the local Manager of LPG (IOC) Mr K.Debnath does not know why the booking date is not being mentioned in the receipt and he does not know the  meaning of "Order No.", as mentioned in the receipt . This "Order No." is being dated on the same date of issue of the refill or a day earlier. 
 (4) Refill is being issued after one month of booking and, in the mean time, the second refill in hand of the consumers having a double-cylinder connection also finishes; compelling the consumers to purchase refill from the back-door at a premium price. The whole Barak Valley is crying for a vigilance action in this regard. I, therefore, pray to the Vigilance Officer to enquire into the matter of falsely implicating the delivery boy to save the distributor and to the other matters raised herein above.  

 Thanking you, 

 Yours faithfully,
 P.O. TARAPUR, SILCHAR - 788003.

  MY ORIGINAL COMPLAINT:- No. PDEV/ LPG COMPLT/2008/ 35 Dated, Silchar, the 15th Nov, 2008 

 To:  Mr. N.K.Dey, 
      Marketing Officer (LPG), 
      IOC LTD. (AOD),
      C/O Smti. Gauri Rani Paul,
      Link Road,
      Lane No. 15,P.O. Sichar – 788 006. 

 Sub: - Complaint against irregularities and harassment of consumers by M/s Sahid Nandachand Gas Agency, 
         Indane Distributor, I.O.C Ltd.(AOD), Tarapur, Manipuri Basti, Pt.- VII, Silchar – 788 008. 


 It is a matter of regret that your LPG Distributor, M/s Sahid Nandachand Gas Agency, is continuing with its irregularities and harassing the consumers, in spite of several complaints to your honour. This has a reference to my complaints to you today and yesterday (15/11/08 & 14/11/08) over telephone and on several earlier occasions. I booked a LPG refill vide booking No. 9920 dated 27/10/08 and, after repeated enquiry several days about the refill-delivery from last fifteen days, each time I was told by the authority there, that my turn for getting the refill was yet to come. After waiting for 19 days, I did complain to you over phone on 14/11/08 about the matter and, due to your interference, I was delivered a refill today. But Sir, to my utter surprise, I noticed in the delivery boy’s register that refill against my name and consumer No. was actually issued on 1/11/08 and sold out to another person, the fact being clear as the date ‘15’ was overwritten over ‘1’ to show that the refill as if issued today. Also surprisingly, in that register, my cust. No. 8576 has been cut with red ink and replaced by 3763. On receiving the cash memo No. 2756 dated 15/11/08, which I was handed over after the payment, I found it to be in the name of one Sri Madan ch Das, cust. No. 3763, which was issued against his booking order No.2614 dated 14/11/08. The delivery boy Sri Pankaj Das of delivery van No. 24 informed me that he had been instructed by the Manager of the Agency to deliver the same to me which was issued today against cust. No. 3763. I immediately contacted you over phone and reported the matter to you and, on your instruction, I received the cylinder with objection and photocopied the page of the delivery boy’s register, the cash memos issued for delivery along with the boy’s identity card (all the copies are enclosed herewith). On scrutiny, it was also revealed that the refills booked on 14/11/08 and issued for delivery today against Sri Shakti Malakar (cust. No. 1302, cash memo No. 2754) and Sri Harendra ch Nath (cust. No. 1889, cash memo No.2755) were actually issued to deliver to Sri Sunil Suklabaidya (cust. No. 9502) and Sukla Purkayastha (cust. No.7089) respectively, against their earlier bookings (probably overdue). This Gas Agency has been continuing with this illegal act from long back, and complaining to them was of no effect. They regularly misbehave with the customers and delay booking of refills on various pretext and tactics. Another problem faced by this consumer is the delivery of refills with less weight than that paid for. My consumption pattern has been fairly uniform and there has not been any change in the normal usage of the LPG in my kitchen. In spite of this fact, almost every month I am ending up with empty cylinder almost a week earlier. Today I took the delivered refill to a nearby shop to weigh the filled cylinder and found the net weight to be 13.30 Kg (gross wt. 29.10 kg, cylinder SR No.672497 T). Sir, I want to know from your honour as to what is your specified procedure to check the weight at the customer’s home during delivery of the filled cylinder and the empty one while returning. I pray to you to kindly enquire into the serious complaints made herein above and to take drastic action against the Distributor by drawing up proceedings as per the Acts and Rules. I also request you to let me know about the action taken in this regard and the query made herein the Para above. 

     Thanking you,

   Sincerely yours,

 Enclo: as mentioned above (two sheets) (PRANAB DEV) Kali Mohan Road (first house) P.O. Tarapur, Silchar – 788 003. Mobile- 9435170464
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  Copies forwarded along with the enclosures as mentioned above to:
 - 1) The Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar, for favour of kind information and necessary action. 
   2) The General Manager (Marketing), Assam Oil Division, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, PO. Digboi – 786171,
      for favour of kind information and necessary action. (PRANAB DEV) Kali Mohan Road (first house) P.O. Tarapur, Silchar – 788 003. Mobile- 9435170464   	E-mail :