Please Take Care of This Problem:

Complain is being lodged against..
Name.. Mr Pilla Councel. Indian embassy Houston Texas. USA.
Name.. Councel General. Indian embassy Houston Texas. USA.
Name.. Ambassoder. Mr. Ronen. Sen. Indian embassy Washington DC USA.
Organisation. Indian embassy Houston Texas USA.
               Indian embassy Washington DC. USA.
Details of Allegations/ Misconduct / Corrupt. Acts As follows in my summery below.

Complaint Name.. Mr Haider Ali Jaffer
Complaint Address.. 1185 West Main Road. Middletown.
                                   Rhode Island. RI 02842 USA.
Complaint. Tel./email.  401 215 3939.
MY SON PASSPORT. ( My goverment appointed officers who are holding diplomat
passport and TERROISING an Indian citizen and his family in foreign land)
This email of mine is directly addressed to the following personals.
Her Excellency President Of India. Smt. Patil.
His Excellency Prime Minister Of India. Dr. Manhoman Sing.
Ministery Of External Affair New Delhi India. Mr Pranab Mukherje. (Minister)
Central Bureau Of Investigation. (CBI) New Delhi. India.
Mr Ashwani Kumar. Director C.B.I.
And Other respected Dignitary and media personals mentioned at the end of this email.
This is not a happy moment but a very sad moment in my life that once again I have to
bring this matter of misconduct of the above mentioned govt. officers/diplomats appointed by my govt. in our Indian embassy in Houston 
Texas and Washington.
Hon'ble President / Prime Minister /Mr Pranab Mukherje and Mr Ashwani Kumar. 
I and my family are being harassed and terrorized by our councel Mr. Pilla and our councel general
in our embassy in Houston Texas. And this is happening under the watch of our Ambassoder Mr.
Ronen Sen who is the captain of this ship.
One year and four months back I had applied for my son passport all relevent documents were attached with the application  as he is now 
16 years old and Tanzanian embassy in washington said since his father is of Indian origin therefore son should get Indian citizenship.
As when my son was born in Dubai UAE. I was busy travelling so I had advised my wife to add my son in her Tanzanian passport,and I had
forgot to get him register him with Indian embassy in Dubai and to be more honest I was not aware of this procedure, By the way my wife
is of Indian origin but she was born in Tanzania east africa therefore she holds Tanzanian passport.
After I had mailed all the documents of my son to our embassy in Houston I tried to get  hold of some one in passport section, after 
making 80 to 90 calls I got hold of some personal in our embassy and after explaning the details of my son this person told me yes we
did recive it and it has to go to New Delhi I said no problem than I asked him how long will it take weeks or months so he said you 
are from India you know how it work there so I said I dont have much knowledge of our govt. office in India. Then he said arra bhaba 
sahab loog ko kush karna pada hai.  what he said you have to make boss happy.Other wise upper wala malik hai(Hindia version) So I asked
him what do you mean I have to make some big boss happy, Than I said to him do you think I am an Item Girl this was my
statment to this person. He did not reply to me he felt silent, than I said ok I have sent $20.00 money order with my son passport 
application, so he said wait after 3 to 4 minutes hold Mr Pilla came on the line I explained him the situation he was not paying 
attention I could make it out the way he was responding than I said sir I have sent $20.00 money order I hope it is the right amount, 
Mr Pilla responce to my question 'BY SENDING MONEY ORDER OF $ 20.00   You think you have bought whole of India. Now Mr Ashwani you are 
a highly educated officer is this a relevent answer to my question,see the manners of a govt officer how he is replying to his own 
citizen and he disconneted the line.
I waited for a month and than I traced the money order it was cashed by our embassy, Couple of months passed no responce from our 
embassy in Houston no responce to my emails I sent countless emails reminder I called and called no human contact and when answering
machine goes on recording used to say mail box is full so there was no way of contacting any human being in our embassy so what to 
do now. I made 6 pages fax explaning all my problems to our beloved Prime Minister, Yes I did get a written responce from his office
that his office will look in to this matter very sad to say nothing so far only one good thing happen with my fax phone started working 
including answering machine but no return calls.
Let me give you another example of our embassy offical you will be surprise at this one. Four plus years back my passport was about to
expire so with all application including a letter from my lawyer in New York stating that my green card was in prosses I sent every 
thing to our embassy in Houston, after 3 days I get a call from our embassy. Sorry we cannot renew your passport for full validty of
ten years we can only give it to you for one year as it is the instruction from American govt. not to issue passports or renew passports
if you dont have a green card. I was surprised because same time my wife passport was expring and we had sent her passport to her
Tanzanian embassy in washington they never said any thing like this her passport was renewed and mail back to us in 5 days time, so 
I told the officer who had called me Are you trying to tell me that American govt. is dicatating terms to Indian govt. how to issue 
passport to its citizen. He had no reply to give to me so I understood that time he wants me to oil his palm than I told him if I dont 
get my passport in a weeks time renewed full 10 yrs validty I will take this matter to Fox news channel to Mr O'reilly than we will see
how you spin this story. Next day at 5 o'clock one lady by the name of Kiran calls me from the Houston embassy and tells me we are
sorry Mr. Jaffer but we are mailing your new passport tomorrow with full validty of ten years My passport is the proof one year validty
is cancled and a new stamp of 10 yrs is there, Now tell me American govt. instructed Indian embassy with this instruction and not to
any other embassy, OK this was instruction to Indian embassy than how come next day you agreed to give me 10 yrs validty does this 
story make sense to you and why will other govt. dictate terms to our govt. how to issue passport to its citizen(I have one word for 
such behaviour oil my palm yr work will be done) They had indirectly asked me for a bribe and such behaviour from govt and diplomats 
is not acceptable that to in foreign land do this in India no problem and you know very well this is a common pratice in our country
no weight file stays where it is.
Comming back to my main issue, Mr. Ashwani me and my family are being terrorized from last one year and four months by our blue collar
diplomats terrorist Why I call them with this name there are 2 kinds of terroist one are islamic jihads who kills children and innocent 
womans on the street side and malls and second are  govt. officers hiding behind diplomats passports who get free pass from the govt.
to do what ever they like. You will ask me why I am saying like this. Well once Mr Pilla told me you cannot go to press with this
matter as I am holding Diplomat passport even if I kill you or some one else American govt. cannot arrest me. That why I am now 
calling him blue callar terroist,Terroizing innocent indian citizens living in this part of the world.Also sir if I was a rich NRI
I would not be writting this email to you , you know why? Comming back to the issue 4 weeks back I had sent an email to our President 
and a copy to houston embassy, Just today I recived a responce from President office in New Delhi that my complain has been forward 
to some govt. office for action, The day I sent this email to the President office in New Delhi next day some one from our houston 
embassy called and he was not ready to give me his name (very funny) why will embassy staff refuse to give me his name, any way he
heard my story ref. to my son passport as he had no knowledge of my problem so I asked him than why had he called me Than he said 
let me talk to Mr Pilla after few minutes he came back on line and said Mr Pilla know about the problem, Than I told this unknow
person who never gave me his name till the end, I said I made a mistake I should have oiled some one palm in the begning you know 
what he said you made that mistake now bear it(unbeliveable) any way he asked me for the date of my son application I gave it to him
after five minutes he says he cannot find the file the person who handles it is on leave so I asked him if he is on leave than what
happens to that section of work he replies I dont know, Come on Mr Ashwani is this a way an embassy function in foreign land This was
a joke going on any way he said I will call you after 2 days I said no problem till today no one called me, what do you say to such
kind of behaviour from govt. diplomats officer.
Mr Ashwani this is a sincer appeal from a very desperate father. To the  father of the higgest law enforcment agency of my country 
Please get involved in my case and please help us out from the clutches of this corrupt diplomats offical.Sir this people unwarrented 
behavior has made me and my family sit on a three legged stool that to in foreign land. Many Indians are suffering at the hands of this
corrupt and terroising diplomats in America make a survay you will be surprise, But exclude rich NRI as they have no problems with this
govt. officers it is only we middle class. Mr Ashwani every statments in this email is truth nothing but the truth, I can go under oath
in front of you or any govt. officer from India not from our embassy in America I dont trust any of them any more.
It is my sincer request to you sir use your power to get to the bottom of this matter and revoke this corrupt diplomats passport which 
gives them free pass to terroise innocent indian citizens like me in foreign land.You will also ask me why I am blaming our Ambassoder
in this matter. Sir he recived every email copy of mine and still he did not take any action, can I ask you why? He is the captain of 
this ship it was his duty to take immedit action as to what was going on in Houston embassy but he turned deff ears to my pleas and 
request, This proofs to me and I am forced to think in this way may be he is in partnership with this guys in Houston as you say birds 
of feathers flock together. His way of not responding to me made me think that way may be I am right, As this is the same Ambassoder 
who called our law makers and parliment members in new Delhi HEADLESS CHICKEN and he was in the news in india and in American news 
channels, If he has no respect for parliment members what respect he will have for innocent indian citizens living here he is busy 
in his lavish parties and his company of rich NRI in America.By the way sir I am Indian citizen by birth therefor it is my son right 
to get indian passport so why am I facing so much trouble at the hands of this corrupt diplomats.Also there are many things I am still
keeping under the cover as many people are going to read this email,Sir I cannot take this stress any more please come to my rescue
and solve this matter for me other wise this corrupt diplomats in houston will be the cause of my death in foreign land because this
tension is taking toll on my health. Any time I am ready to sit in front of you and prove my accusation against them that to under oath.

Thankyou very much for taking your time to go through a distress father plea god bless you, Also I have full faith in your ablity and 
in our system back home I am sure you will find them guilty and punish this corrupt diplomats so in future they will not terroise any
innocent family and also they will loose the oppurtinity to get there palms oiled from other innocent indian citizens in foreign land.
Jai shree Ganesh......Jai Hind.
To  The Department of Justice. (F.B.I.) U.S.A.
For the kind Att. Of Special Agent Mr. Tony Diaz
For the kind Att. Of Special Agent Mr Johnson.c.
Sir this is a sincer request and a sincer plea from a very desperate father, To you and to your department. Please in the name of god
help me I am being badly harresed and terrorized by my own embassy govt. offical in our embassy in houston texas.As you must have read 
my complain to my goverment in New Delhi and to our Director of CBI New Delhi Mr Ashwani in this email. 
Sir this harresment is putting bad toll on my health, As you know me and my family very well  and you know I will never put false 
statments to any goverment agency every statment in this email is 100 percent truth and I am going through this exprience at the hands
of some corrupt diplomats in our embassy.
Couple of days back you asked me what is going on with my son passport here this is the truth and this is what going on, I am sory I hid
this story from you as this was the question of my country prestige, But now I am forced to revil this matter in front of every one as 
I cannot see an end to this spin from our diplomats in houston embassy.Please sir request your govt, on my behalf also please request
your attorney general to step in to this matter a corrupt and terroising crime is going on by some corrupt foreign diplomats right here
on your soil and your agency stands for Justice so please get me the justice which we deserve. I am an Indian citizen by birth you know 
that and according to the laws of india my son get Indian citizenship, why am I being terroised and harresed by this diplomats some one
in authority has to challange them and your govt. can do this as this terroising act is being commited right on American soil.
Mr Tony please support my cause as
I see no end to this treatment , This desprate Indian brother of your will always appericate your help.
God Bless you And God Bless America.
I take this liberty to thank every concerned goverment offical and the media people who have taken there time to read the plea of this 
desperate father who is fighting for the right of his only child citizenship with some of corrupt diplomats in our embassy in texas  I 
request every one who can support me in this cause by asking my govt. in New Delhi when will they have some time to solve the problem of
this terrorized family who are at the mercy of some of the blue collar terroist diplomats appointed by my govt. According to this 
corrupt diplomats who are running our embassy in Texas no govt. can touch them no press members can touch them as they are holding 
diplomat passport.This was said to me by our councel Mr. Pilla who is in our embasy in texas. This means they have free pass to ask 
indirectly bribes and terroise famlies who does not go according to there wishes.
This is a personal request to Mr. O'reilly of fox news New York I am your very big fan and I watch your shows, you are a very honest
reporter and you always say all spin stops here so sir how about stopping this spin for me and my family it is going out of control. 
I am ready to debat all this three diplomats from my Indian embassy on your show and belive me I will prove my points that they are 
corrupt and disgrace to my country, By doing this may be my plea will reach my govt. in New Delhi and my and other indian citizens
problem will be soved Mr O'reilly some corrupt diplomats are using your country to terroise there own citizen as a honest reporter
you should stand with justice because Mr Pilla told me no law can touch him nor any press reporter can touch them, Please go ahead 
and prove him wrong that no one is above the law not even diplomats. thank you sir and God bless you and god bless America.
If any one wants to talk to me regarding this matterhe or she is free to call me on my cell phone 401 215 3939
My email is
Once again I thank every one for having time to read my email and I pray to god this time my voice will reach to my govt. in New 
Delhi and this distress family problems will be solved. Aman.
Mr. Haider Ali Jaffer
401 215 3939.
cc. Govt. of India ministery of external affair (CPV) New Delhi
      Mr R. Swaminathan. /Joint secetery passport officer
cc  The central vigilance commission govt. of India
      Mr. Pratyush Sinha ( commissioner)
cc. Dept. Of Adm. reforms and public grievances. New Delhi
     Att Mr T.R. Gill
cc  Minister of overseas Indian affairs. govt of India
cc  Ministry of law and justice. Govt. of India
     Mr. M.k. Shrama.
cc  Ministry of Home affair Govt. of India
     Mr K.C. Jain. 
cc  Parliment of India (Rajya sabha )
     Mr. Mohammed Hamid Ansari
cc. Ministery of external affair
     Mr E. ahmed
cc. Parliment of India (Lok sabha)
     Mr Somanath . C. ( hon'ble speaker )
cc  Supreme court of India
     Chief justice of India Mr Tarun .C.
cc. Govt. of India
      Smt Sheila. D/ ( Cheif minister New Dlhi)
cc. Perment Mission of India To United Nation New York USA
cc  Dubai Embassy. united Arab Emirates
     Att Counsel general.
cc. Forme prime minister of   india
     shri Atal bihari vajpayee
cc. Chief minister of gujarat
     Mr. Modi
cc. Indian National Cngress party New Delhi
     Smt Sonia Gandhi
cc. National human right commission New Delhi
cc. National portal of India New Delhi
cc. Indian Parlement 9rajya sabha)
cc. Member of Indian Parliment New Delhi
Fox news New York
Mr. O'reilly
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Zee Next Mumbai
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