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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 13:28:38
From: ghansham ojha 
To:  Indians People

Dear citizens, 


 At the first stare, we the members of IYSO Team INDIA wish to bring an introduction
of our jubilant organisation INDIAN YOUTH SECURED ORGANISATION, 287/2005,
Corporate office, # 1-5-276/288(New), Kaman Road, Karimnagar-(A.P), whose motto is
drawn with serving peasant and create innovation development in society. 

 Besides, we wish to bring to your greater attention that we the members of IYSO
Team INDIA focused on social evils and took initiative step to develop the existing
graveyard at karimnagar and forwarded number of representation to the Central &
State Government authorities to focus on our representation, regarding there is no
suitable graveyard for HINDU community from 100's of years and even though the
KARIMNAGAR-TOWN declare as a CORPORATION. We also reminded to the concerned
authorities that we are giving representation from last 3-years and nobody is
focusing on our request. In the year-2007 luckily we got the permission to develop
the existing graveyard at Karimnagar on lease condition with the help of
Hon'ble.Shri.B.Somi Reddy Garu (Retd Municipal Commissioner Karimnagar) on:
01-08-2007 for the period of 5-years to maintain and develop the existing
graveyard. But we unable to understand the tactics of few cheap politicians of
Karimnagar and they
 dismantled the foundation stone of MUKTHIDHAM Graveyard on: 01-02-2008 at: 9:30am,
location: Manair River Bank, By-Pass Road, Karimnagar. By the Municipal Authorities
staff & members stating that there is no name of MAYOR & Area Corporater of
Karimnagar-(A.P). In this regard i approached The Police department and the
District Legal Service Authority Karimnagar to take immediate action on WHOM SO
EVER IT MAY CONCERN in the matter of foundation stone dismantled issue on:
01-02-2008 at existing graveyard. But we forget that we are throwing the stone into
MUD, which returns on us and our jubilant organisation reputation. Even though, I
Ghansham Ojha, F&P IYSO Team INDIA, Karimnagar, organized FAST UNTO DEATH in this
regard in front of District Collector & Magistrate office Karimnagar. But on 4th
day concerned police official arrested me and registered a case against me under
IPC section-309 and later on the police people shifted me to the SURYA Hospital,
 Karimnagar. Even though i never forget the pain of a common man face who visit the
existing graveyard, when the noble soul funeral ceremony was organized. I took it
as a social zeal and step forward by submitting PUBLIC INTEREST LITEGATION on;
01-09-2008 by register post to Hon'ble Chief Justice High Court of Andhra Pradesh,
with the hopes that we will get JUSTICE, on; 20-11-2008 our appeal accepted and
allotted WP/25509/2008 but we were surprised by Hon'ble High Court of A.P on:
02-02-2009 by rejecting our WRIT appeal and disposed our appeal with the false and
baseless grounds that the 5th respondent "The Municipal Corporation Authority
Karimnagar" cancelled the Lease agreement with the WRIT petitioner organisation.
But we shocked when we comes to know about our lease cancellation statement and we
were surprised with false and baseless statement by the 5th respondent advocate and
how the Hon'ble High Court of A.P accepted? In case if the 5th respondent
 wish to cancel the lease agreement they should send a prior notice before 3-months
but with out any evidence how the Hon'ble Court given the judgment and dismissed
our WRIT appeal?. I also wish to inform you that Hon'ble.Shri.Anil Rameshji Dave,
The Chief Justice High Court of Andhra Pradesh said on the occasion of JAGITAL
court building inauguration function that "A court hall is not only a court
building its A TEMPLE OF JUSTICE", but we seen the justice of TEMPLE OF JUSTICE
very clearly. Every thing is corrupted and colluded in our Nation, so how can a
common man get the JUSTICE. 

 In this regard, we request you to focus on the above attachments and spread this
social evil all over the Nation-Wide and get united with one and all for a noble

 Important note: After viewing all the attachments take the decision and forward
this mail as many as you can. In the attachments go through with the G.O.MS.NO :
1235/25-10-2008 a cheap tactic by the government with the common man need! 

 Let's join our hands for a noble mission and proud to be and INDIA. 

 With attention: 
 Ghansham Ojha,