Dear Sir/Madam, 

As now the time (31st March 2009) as come to clear the formality of ‘6th Pay Commission’ , the government officials in Simdega district of Jharkhand, India are busy pocketing the bribe money from the teachers. The refusal to give bride is resulting into documents not being cleared. The DSE (District superintendent of Education), i.e. Jila Shiksha Adhikshak, along with her accomplices are involved. However, the sad part if that teachers who were suppose to raise their voices against the corruption are encouraging it by giving in to the demands of these corrupt officials. If someone is willingly giving bribe why should the other refuse? Giving and taking bribe has become a norm of office life in this part of the State of Jharkhand, in India. Can someone PLEASE STOP THEM!!! This is high time people stopped being victimised! JAGO INDIA JAGO ----INDIA NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND FIGHT AGAINST ALL KINDS OF CORRUPTION AT ALL LEVELS. And can someone help me Report this to the right person/group/organization…..

What about the anti-corruption cell of the state vigilance department, are they still functioning or they are corrupt as well????

Thank you A Faithful Citizen