March 3, 2009.

Honorable Minister 
Irrigation and Power department
Government of Sindh KARACHI. 



Respected sir We khatedars of irrigation and power department of Sindh want to stop corruption and violation of powers from irrigation department, 
we in order prevent the department from itís completely damage, submit our suggestions for doing the needful as under:-

 1.   That every body know that the irrigation and power department is very old in Pakistan and middle east, and in past this department was 
      powerful in respect of administration and maintenance of irrigation system.
 2.   That at present us we all felling that this department has become most corrupt and very weak in administration with the result the irrigation
      system is being ruined in Sindh province. 3.	this conditions is due to fact that the sub-engineer and dorogha of irrigation department have no any 
      part in the all payment procedure of development and maintenance works, with the result the budget granted to the department for the said purpose is
      being misappropriated from high level or the assistant executive engineer are recorded the measurements for work which are done or not done to the 
 4.   Sir, you know that the irrigation system always required maintenance and sub-engineer who are the main responsible person for this work and they
      know very well that at what place or point, maintenance work is necessary and when every any contractor is doing his work at the site, he donít care
      or oblige to sub-engineer having power for recording measurements, therefore the development and maintenance work is suffering heavily and the result
      of is before your honor.
 5.   That we further requested that at present in through out Sindh and in Pakistan the measurement recording power is with  sub-engineer in all 
      engineering departments and it is found that the corruption is controlled and the maintenance is up to mark,  therefore it is humbly prayed that the 
      measurement recording powers on measurement book may kindly handed over the sub-engineer instead assistant executive engineer that the participation 
      of the site staff will be compulsorily in all the department due to which the consumption of the amount so spent will be proper on one side there           	will be beast system in the department. Respected sir If you are really sincere with irrigation department and want stop corruption and power               	violation from irrigation department please hand over said powers to sub engineer for bright future of irrigation and power department.

 Thanks and Regard  

Youís sincerely   
(M. Salih Solangi)

General Secretary  
And office bearers and members                                                                                               
     (List and signature are as above) 
1.	Sharal Khan Gadhi  (President)  
2.	Abdul Rahim Jamali (V. President
3.	Gul Hassan Malah (J. Secretary) 
4.	Abdul Lateef Ansari (Treasurer)
5.	Musawer Mallah (member)
6.	Haji Makan Panhwar 

     Copy for Information and necessary action:- 
1.	Honorable Governor of Sindh Karachi 
2.	Honorable Chef Minister government of Sindh 
3.	Honorable Chef Secretary government of Sindh 
4.	Honorable Secretary Irrigation and power department government of Sindh                                                                                                            	(M. Salih Solangi)  General Secretary   Cell# 03003086219