November 1, 2009

Vice Chancellor- Topodhir Bhattacharya
Silchar  Assam University, Silchar 
Assam, India

Topic : Corruption in Assam University, Silchar

Assam University, Silchar which is striving towards achieving its reputation as a center of excellence is currently facing a major force of corruption. The University is a teaching-cum-affiliating University and offers post graduate courses
along with various other certificate and diploma courses. In the past few years the University has produced a significant number of doctoral candidates in various fields. And associated with the increasing number of Phd candidates the
University has seen an increasing number of candidates in the research field. However despite the various improvements the Unviersity is currently facing a decline in one major aspect of its system- the appointment of the faculty members. 
Various anomalies have been occurring in the appointment of the faculty members in the University. Where appointment in such deemed Organizations should be without any kind of mediocrity and preference should be given to candidates with 
merit and capacity. In the past few years, since the appointment of the Vice Chancellor- Topodhir Bhattacharya the selection of most of the faculties in various departments has been based on favorism, references of superior personals, and 
personal candidates of the members in the selection team. Even in the recent selection of various candidates for teaching post in various posts in the different departments and newly established centers established in the University, such 
mediocrity has been reported to have occurred. In most cases the selection of the candidates is made much before the interview call and the interview is just setup with the objective of misdirecting the media and the system at large. As a 
result many worth wile candidates are faced with rejection and failure. However the main problem is that the University faculty members and the researchers are keeping silent about it and are unwilling to take any step to stop such corruption 
for fear of losing their positions in the University. As a result many highly capable candidates in the valley are faced with the problem of proper recruitment and failure to get recruited in Universities outside the Valley, since in most 
Universities first preference is given to their own candidates with merit. If this is the condition then the quality of the research in the University in the succeeding years is going to decline and the University will become a store house
for the incapable members who get appointed by strength of their contacts and references and other means. In order to save the University there is a need to properly investigate the appointment methods of various faculty members by its 
Vice Chancellor- Topodhir Bhattacharya. The UGC, All India Central University Association and the CBI team needs to look into the matter and investigate the activities associated with the selection of teaching staffs in the Unviversity.
Intervention needs to be taken up by the hon’ble Chancellor himself and the honorable President of India for anomalies in such education systems  for the interest of the people of Barak Valley at large.