March 14,2009
His Eminence Archbishop of Cebu
Cardinal's Palace
Jakosalem st., Cebu City

Good day!

Dear Cardinal Vidal;

I dare to write you a letter with a prayer to seek an assistance by your honorable office and thru the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary whom I 
firmly believe that me and my brother Gaudioso Rafols Jr. towards our long overdue predicaments since of 2005 when this matter we've been attend to 
pertaining the reluctant on our gov't particular the DENR-NRDC in releasing our claim of informant/s reward as mandated under 277, P.D.705 section 
68-B be mayest comes now be put into end;

But before I will narrates the story behind of these all about, we're both humbly to introduce ourselves as member of PREX in San Nicolas Parish and I,
(Romeo Rafols) was also once a member with BARUG Pilipino thru Father Carmelo Diola; 

In regards of these things which this predicaments causing a lot of miseries on our lives among each of our family too and most of that the ardent desire
with our siblings who depending on us just to reach their goals and has a better future someday perhaps will not achieve if this government particular the
DENR-NRDC did not give an importance of what we're doing as a concerned citizen in adhering their campaigned versus illegal logging and lumber smuggling 
as well but thence putting our lives in danger and felt neglected and fearing that we may caught avenge by syndicated group in cahoots with some of public 
officials in DENR forestry (Davao and Cebu City)someday when I and my brother sometimes on January 24,2005 has took part on the apprehension and 
confiscation  of illegally cut lumber boarded a vessel Mv Lct Condor with a total volume of 208,000 plus boardfeet by the elements of NavForCen 7 
(Phil.Navy) being an informant on such lumber smuggling incidents;

What I've been wonder the way our gov't particular the DENR-NRDC's unreasonable will when the said vessel was released without even filing a case being 
accessories of the crime as what was provided on the said .277 as well as the owner of the said illegally cut lumber also whom they (DENR-NRDC)
even won the rigged-auctioned on that same year of 2005 and while our right to claim on said reward noticeably they seem delaying the process;

In fact last date when we had received the furnished copy of Memorandum (hereto attached) stated the issue of reward claim dated February 29,2008 from the
Office of DENR Usec.Eleazar P. Quinto addressed to the President of Natural Resources Development Corporation (NRDC) but till todate we could not heared
from them;

For this, in the name of Jesus Christ may we ask your help to be able to call the attention of our beloved president over this matters and to pray over us 
in behalf on these behalf should the government and DENR-NRDC can acted upon promptly upholding the rules and regulations in order to release the said 
informant reward due on us as in exchange with our dearest lives;

Hereto attached also for perusal are; the clippings of Newstory of apprehension, Suspension Order to Workingforce of DENR Davao and Cebu City meted out by
then Sec.Mike Defensor, Spot Report of Naval Intelligence 7 and a Letter of Commendation etc;

Truly your's,

Mr. Romeo D. Rafols and Gaudioso Rafols Jr.