March 1, 2009

Mr Antony Defence Minister of India 

Dear Sir:

You need to take action, otherwise your defence forces may not be ready to fight anyone. Here is the problem:

  Corruption is highly prevalent in all Military Engineering Services(MES)involved in construction and maintenence of a defence complex.
  The rate are fixed right from Group D Employee to Garrison Engineer. The bribe commission is collected from all contractors by their 
  accounts Staff responsible for payment of cheques and distributed as a sort of mid month pay.Thecommission of junior most staff is 2% 
  to GE who gets 5%. Chief Engineering who is ins Command HQ &suppose to monitor them also gets 3% . Thus almost 48% of alloted amount of 
  goes in commission in this way. This is slowely spreading to other Armed Forces officers where these MES are located. The Station Commander/ Brigde
  Commander of Army units are also taking the bribe commission of5% from GE. The same is also being done by Air force and Navy. In Airforce ,
  it is Station Commander or AOC taking the bribe. In case these officer not taking the bribe, it is taken by Chief Administrative Officer and
  Works Officer who are responsible for seeing the execution of jobs. Similarly in Navy senior most officer calling a shot gets bribe. You can
  see a  vast defference in life style of GE other govt officer in same pay band.  Since the corruption has become institutionalised,in my openion
  only way to get rid of  this to hold GE'S responsible and make example of any of them. However this is not easy as no complainent can fight an
  organisation in which every one right from bottom to top is corrupt. Other way is to close these departments and hand over their jobs to Engineers
  in Army, Adm/ Logistics Officers in Air force and Navy.  

   Yours Sinerely, 

   A serving Defence Officer
   Delhi, India