Uttarpradesh, India
                                                                                           Friday, February 20, 2009  

To, The Officer  Anticorruption Cell  

                                           Sub:-Complaint for corrupt JE, Lineman, clerks in Ghaziabad Electricity Board. 

Dear Sir:

I am a small scale industrialist, running my manufacturing unit at Bulandshahar road industrial area Ghaziabad. When I contacted the electrical
department for the installation of electricity,of 100HP as required by my unit they asked me additional Rs. 2500/- per HP (Rs. Two Thousand Five 
Hundred Per HP), apart from the Govt. fees, which sum up to Rs. 2,50,000/- (Rs. Two Lac Fifty Thousand Only), which was the huge amount for me. 
They treat it as their own private department & as they are fully aware that no work will start without them and we are at their mercy. If you
think of complaining this corruption they laugh & say it will be of no use as nothing will happen as the entire sum of that money is distributed 
up to the top level officers & if you want to take hard step they delayed installation until the desired amount is not given . They say that they
have themselves given huge amount for transfer to this Ghaziabad Electricty Board, JE post, so all is in vein. If we tried to bargain they shut up
by saying that in Mohan Nagar Deptt., the others are charging upto Rs 3,500/- per HP, but you are lucky to get it at cheaper rates. They have number
of ways to harass us, some of them are :- 1) They will say your papers are not complete, if you ask what more paper they want they will ask you to
contact area JE. 2)The area JE will never meet you by making different reasons. 3)	In case, you bring any approach letter, they will say the 
transformer is not available, sometimes the cable is not available, when it will be available, we will install. Sometimes, the concerned person is on
leave. Sometimes, he is on round.(They nearly pass the time upto 6 to 8 month until you are completely depressed to give them the bribe as your factory
is stand still & your loan meter is running).  Nobody can directly take action or file a complaint as we have to live & work here, at their mercy. I
would like you to survey the Industrialist of Bullandshar road/ Mohannagr, or even whole Uttar Pradesh and ask them their harrowing experience in
getting the electricity ,with or without the bribe . I Challenged you will not get a single person who has not paid a huge amount to get the Power. 

Sir, I would like you to do sting operation as no one will come forward as we don’t know who is corrupt or not.  Is there any one who can curb this
practice & stop harassment to the  small scale industrialists , or this country is only for one who have good approach to the minister as Ambani”s,
Tata”s & others “Ya  aam admi aise hi paresan hua karega jo kama ke khana  chahta hai.” Thanking you & waiting for your early step as I wish no one
else should face the same torcher as I faced. 

CC : To all leading news channels.