People of India

                                 Subject : Appeal to the People of India to Save their Country

                                                                                                   March 1, 2009

Respected Sir/Madam

  1.  I am writing this letter to u with a strong positive hope that some changes can be brought with your intervention in this next to hell state of
 	democratic India.  

  2.  Corruption has become the bread and butter of all the govt employees, ministersm and almost everybody including the police and infact the
      paramilitary forces. A new recruit in a paramilitary force like IRB(indian reserve battalion)has to pay money ranging from 3-5 lakhs to
      get selected. 

  3.  Few more examples are as follows:-    
      (a)   10-20 lakhs for selection in MPSC exams.  
      (b)   500-1000 rs for passing a file for a poor widow claiming for pension.  
      (c)   police candidate recruits 5-7 lakhs 
      (d)   ministers taking 20-30% of the sanction amount for approving tender.  
      (e)   Bank staff taking bribe for approving loans including personnel loan, car loan, children education loan. 

  4. There are many more examples which if i write may not find place here. The state is going to the dogs. Time has come that u cannot trust 
     anybody for anything in a govt service. Many employees come to office by 1100 hrs and return back home by 1400 hrs. Infact there r very few people
     who r actually working. U must try to find what that particular employees have done in last 5-10 years. Many employees draws pay even without
     even going to the office. The departmental heads however take no action because he is getting some share from that particular person. Every minister 
     including the CM is involve in this manner. I really dont know what the honourable governor is doing sitting and admiring the condition in the state.
     If u ask anybody in the state nobody wants to live in such a condition. It has become only the place for rich people.

  5.  Many more heartbreaking (for a normal citizen) incidents are existing in this state. I really hope and pray that somebody will take some
      action to change the situation and  save the people from the valley of death. I have a strong feeling that we can do something for the solution. 
      i really dont know why nobody is taking the initiative.whoever went to start the job went back becoming richer. so no action has been take till now.
      I can offer some suggestions if u promise me that things can work out. 

 6.   Please do the needful and lets hope for the best.Once again i have a strong faith in you all., please do something

    A Concerned Citizen of India
    Imphal, Manipur