March 21, 2009

Letter to the People of Oakland County, Michigan, USA

This letter is to report political scandals which I am entangled with, and am forced to support.......via ongoing political scandals.

My political career was sabotaged. The following is a list of individuals who have promoted their political careers at the expense of the rest of society. I would like to live a politically correct and fulfilling most people do. I could care less about their individual "campaigns" to get ahead and look "justified" doing it. All of them have neglected, exploited, and degraded the rights of minor children, and have scapegoated me, as their mother, and conscientious citizen of the united states. Some people will do anything for power, privilege, and self image. They recognize no limits or boundaries. They have all chosen to act as if they are above "all laws." My household is in a state of..........poverty. Each one of them have betrayed the Judicial system, and seek to be loyal to each other, and protect each from any exposure that would cause any of them embarrassment or a consequence of any sort. I am disgusted by what I have learned about the Judicial System and their "Loyal, social milieu." I cannot speak for why other people do what they do. I do know that I was politically "sound" in all of my legal and life matters until I became associated and with the betrayers of the greater good that life has to offer. It is almost entertaining to watch them in action.........submit their political power and advance and stalk their way on top of us "ordinary" and well intentioned folks who prefer to play by the rules. Political scandals.........who would have thought I would be racketeering on behalf of supporting political the price of my own dignity as a person and a parent. Freedom of.........there is no political freedom with this network. They got away with sabotage and cruelty to minors and innocent people. They used the system to beat it's own self.

The State of Michigan broke it. The State of Michigan should fix what they made into being politically wrong. I do not share an attitude or a political thought with this group of law defiant idiots who demote peace, safety, soundness, and harbor fugitives in it's place. I share my signature, my submission to their "ill will" as I was trapped by misuse of power, knowledge, and information. Everyone betrays everyone. It is a disgusting site, all for selfish interests and degrading purposes of the United States Constitution. I am used for the sole purpose of "fall guy" for their pursuits. I am not protected by any form of law enforcement whatsoever. It's hate driven in the first the results are also hateful. Moral insanity. I can't support sound morals and community health when my associates are against supporting it. I would rather live in a prison than continue to live in the political prison and multifunctional home environment they have surrounded me with. Maybe I would like a clean slate...........dah. They are slate swappers, and take the clean one I always desired and always strive for. Every time. They are conduct and reality disordered. I am not. I became disorderly because of their bad decisions and corrupt natures. I will not live long enough to finance their unjustified political pursuits of children have inherited adult's personal problems via proxy and ambient abuse going on for several years now. How stupid and dysfunctional to family law is that? I could not avoid it. I did my best and I failed. Fraud schemes......very prevalent in the Oakland County Community. They can change how I "appear" but they cannot change reality, and they cannot change the character of WHO I AM, and WHO I AIM TO PLEASE. That is God, the Father.

The identity of the REAL higher power......over all of us. He is not pleased. He is not pleased at all. He does not like competition, and where there is ..........there is competition against God the Father. Some "plaintiff's" create their own wars that they fight to win. They appear legitimate. All allegations against me.........are false. Economical, spiritual, financial, psychological, political deprivation and control..........they all share a dirty hand in promoting wickedness and terrorism in the Community. They are not a peace promoting group. I am not at peace with any one of them. They work their own agendas. Irresponsible and falsely accounted for........ are they. Without conscience. Who would barter against the peacefulness and welfare of minor children? Strategic Narcisists would. Career criminal posing as "victims" of society would. It's a freak show......and I am inviting you in to take a look at it for what it is. "Bonded" to discrimination, alienated from my inalienable rights, and disorder in the Court,

Faithfully......but "lawlessly" yours,

.....takes money for his dirty work Maybe someone who has a conscience wants to live the life of someone with a clean conscience. That would be me. Political freedom. Open a door, and I would enter. Close the doors, block the doors........and one cannot enter through them, now, can they????