February, 18, 2009

The Principal Secretary,
Cooperation Department,
Govt. of West Bengal,

                                       Sub: Suitable action against one corrupt officer

Respected Sir,

I would request you to kindly let me know specific reason of not taking any administrative action against the corrupt officer Dr. Surath K.Biswas,
though with documentary evidence it was proved , beyond doubt , that he had committed several illegalities . But with the help of one baseless and
concocted 'enquiry report' prepared only to exonerate the said corrupt officer from all illegalities, he was left to retire unpunished. It is evident
from the reply of your PIO that there was no supporting documents in favour of the findings of the enquiry officer, who was entrusted for the enquiry 
against Dr. Surath.K.Biswas. If any documents, proof or clarification is required in this connection, we are ready to submit it to you. This is in
connection with my earlier communication dated 3rd August, 2008 to you. Our Hon'ble Chief Minister told us to "hate corruption", but unfortunately we
are yet to receive proper co operation  from the Co operation Department in this regard.  Hope you will be kind enough to clarify your stand and shall
initiate a proper and independent enquiry against a person who dedicated to serve the corrupt members of the ex. M.C. of the Metropolitan Co operatve
Housing Society.  If any clarificetion is required , we are ready  to send it to you.

Thanking you in anticipation, 

With regards
Sephali Banerjee