SUB : Against no action taken to Madras High Court Justice Mr. M. Jayabal for last 21 months even after order received by The Presidentís Office.

Action may please taken against corrupted judge with out delay justice delayed justice denied chennai high court judge. Already  from presidents office,
central vigilance commision and director of public greivance has sent enquiry to take action against Mr.jeyapal madras high court judje. But till today
no enquiry and action has been taken,do u have real power to take action, if so please take my case series and do take actions sereisly with all your
powers if true.i am from an agriculture and poor family but as a citizen of india i dont get any positive results from the government.i have attached 
all of the true forgery documents ,and right to information act with the court attested copy.i cant do anything beyond this without help of you so take 
immediat enquir action,i dont have any other choice than this,this is my last try. 

Sincerely yours,
S.B. Sooriyanarayanan
214 Kondur Perumal Raja Street
Thiruvanandhapuram Street
Rajapalayam Ė 626 117.  Tamilnadu.   

REF :   1.   The Presidentís Secretariat, New Delhi Letter no: 491345 Dated 29.05.2007 
 	  2.   Presidentís Secretariat public section no : P2/255274 dated 20.11.2007  
	  3.   President Office letter no : P2/E/208 dated 17.03.2008 
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   	  7.   Tamilnadu home(CTS.IV) Department, Secretariat Chennai letter no : 20836/CTS.IV/2008-2 dated 30.04.20088.


On the above dated I have given a complaints to take legal action against Chennai High Court judge Mr.M. Jayabal. In case my complaint petition is correct,
I requested to re-open my case in the lower court and for which from your office you had send a letter to the chief Secretary Govt of Tamilnadu. The
Chief Secretary Govt of Tamilnadu had forwarded a letter to the Registrar  general madras high court to take action against judge Mr. M, jayabal, 
till date no action has been taken against him.I thing may be they are taking bribes, for example I have given a complaint Cr.S.482 not quash proceedings
high court and supreme court and to the Tamilnadu civilian and  disciplinary act 17(B) and the public grievance day as right to information act. Even 
after submitting all the documents against the judge of the Chennai high court register general has not taken any action against him. The register general
is trying to save the judge Mr.M. jayabal . Even after receiving a order from the office of the presidentís,  they didnít rather taken any action against
your order . It shows they are not respecting the president office it self. My complant is lying ideal for the past 21 months , So I humbly requested you
to once again issue a strong order to the all concern departments. This land is the only source of income to our family,with this income we are leading 
our basic life. They forcible enter in our land and cultivation is going on with their control and we cannot get the land back to meet out our family needs
and expenses. Please consider this reqestion as urgent one to make our family meet out the family needs. 

Thanking You,

Yours truly,

S.B. Sooriyanarayanan