January 19, 2009

Mr.A.K.Antony Ministry of Defence India 


     Sir I am residing in a Wellington Cantonment area in Nilgiris Tamilandu which is under Defence Control. This is to inform
you that the recently Elected board members for the Cantonment Board, and the Vice President of the Board, are the most 
corrupted persons I have ever seen and experienced, sir its been only few months since they have been elected, but from 
then till this very second the only thing in their mind is money and only money. This attitude of the elected members
made the public think of what big mistake they have done by electing these  members, Everything they do is for money, the
personal experience is that, We have been doing a contract from 2004 and till date and our contract is up to 2010 October,
we were doing a excellent Job and our job was appreciated by the media and the public and the cantonment officials also. 
but when the new Board members came they demanded us a sum of Rs.500,000/- per annum until the end of our contract period 
i.e. 2010. we told we cannot give that amount, and they threatened us saying they will cancel our contract and call for 
re-tender, and they did it, and in the re tender they put a binami person and gave the tender to him and they changed the
rules and conditions of the tender inorder to give the tender to there own persons. Actually the tender period is for only
3 years and during the board meeting they changed it to 5 years without any reason. And I have the proof for the same. 
and this is not the only issue, there are so many issues and for all there is proof for the same, but with they have money 
power and political power which dons us and suppress the truth. Inspite of complaining these reasons to the higher authorities
no actions or inquiry is taken till date. On behalf of the residents of the Wellingtion Cantonment board I request your good
self to take an immediate action against the board and dissolve the board.  And I am ready to present the proof to anyone who 
takes an actions in this regards.  

Thanking you.


Nilgiris, Tamilnadu