January 14, 2009

Honorable Judge Coleman,
Louisa, Kentucky

Honorable Judge Coleman:

I have a story to tell about the judges in Pike County!!!! I am a owner of a small coal company!!!
I had a surface lease to expire!!! My job as a permit owner was to remove my equipment and reclaim the mine site!!! 
The property owner refused to give me a new surface lease, so I told the property owner that I was going to 
reclaim the property and remove my equipment!!! The property has been paid in full on all royalties due!!! 
The property owners gets Judge Combs to give them a order to put me off the property without be being able
to take my equipment which is valued over $5 million, and gives my equipment to someone else to controll
that dont even own it!!!! The Kentuy law says I have the right to remove my equipment and reclaim the 
property!!! Well, the judge didn't follow that law!!! I am still trying to get my equipment back!!!! 
Judge Combs stepped aside. Now it is up to Judge Coleman !!! I went in front of Judge Coleman, as pro-se,
he refused to even talk to me!!! How in the world is something like this going on!!! This has put me out
of Business!!! What can I do if these Judges do not follow the Law???? I am the owner of the equipment!!!
What should I do????? 

Sincerely yours,
Ireland Williams
P.O. box 1020
Louisa, Pike County 
KY 41230 
606 454 1997 cell phone