January 19, 2009



I want to solve the problems in dakshina bhsrsth Hindi prachar sabha.there having so many kinds of problem
inside the institution of negligence and in every step of the sabha.there is which person is in power they
are doing as they like, no body can say why they are doing. There having only is power. If a person became
in charge of the office they will do what will like his desired. Recently in the month of November 2008. 
Finished sabha election of education council & life member constituency, during the votes counting time double
triple times repeated votes of a member who is presented there. I objected that who is assistant election office 
is moving around the counting hall to watch the counting activity, but he is not seems to see or verify his signature
on the declaration, member can cast his vote once only and if double comes in the vary time of a specific person 
who is the in charge of the function they must be verify his signature of the double declaration. But after objection 
answer giving by him it is my choice. No body having capacity to fight against of corruption. This position of the sabha 
which established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1918.for the sake of Hindi prachar prasar in south India. Neat and clean or fair 
and fresh must be in every way of the election producing which is not seen in the last election so I very worry to say
you that if even now to verifying will conducted then came out of the fact.

From an Indian