TO THE MEDIA AND Kutong Office

Dear Sir/Madame:

As a motorist from Cavite to Manila everyday its a big headache for us to drive everyday upon approaching coastal road stop light
(coastal mall area parañaque). Its a headache because by any chance kutong officers are waiting you at stop light on that area. By
any means they gonna stop you and charge any violation they want, but at the end they just want your money to seetle down you violation. 
Its very clear this officers assign on this area are kutong officers. They are not a good model in the public as a public servant they need
a serious decipline. Please do some action to this kutong officers. They are doing their job for personal interest only. We are begging the media 
to do some surviellance and investigate this kind of raket on that area. We are asking the parañaque officials to do some action about this 
kutong officers in your area of responsibility.not unless you like this job as what they do. appriciate your help tru actions thanks peter.


From Manila